Forest Woods Lorong Lew Lian Serangoon

The Forest Woods Condo are a housing project currently under construction in Singapore. These residences have been planned by a consortium led by CDL. For the development to go ahead had to outbid ten rivals to win the lease on the land. All the companies and consortia that bid for the land on a 99 year lease expected for the luxury condos they were going to build to sell quickly and thus provide them with a healthy profit. CDL were prepared to back their hunch over the future profits with the winning bid of $321 million. The Singapore government were equally content enough to accept that winning bid.

Forest Woods Serangoon Lew Lian

At the moment not all of the plans for the Forest Woods have been approved. However building work has got underway, with an expected completion during 2018. Some of the condos will be ready before then, and these will be put up for sale prior to been finished. Depending on the precise permission granted there will be in the region of 500 to 530 condos completed and available to buy. CDL have planned for both 500 and 530 condos whilst hoping to build the maximum number of units. If they have to stick to 500 condos then the prices will be marginally higher.

Forestwoods Condo City Developments Limited

The main reason why CDL are confident that the development of executive condos at Forest Woods will sell strongly is due to its location. District 19 is one of the most popular ones in the country outside of Singapore city centre itself. It is in the area around Serangoon and Paya Lebar, and demand for the units is expected to be high.

The condos will provide a luxurious place for their owners to live in, and the shared areas will add to the feel of living in luxury as well.

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